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Best Ways To Enhance Sound Quality On Android

From music to gaming, smartphone speakers are quite essential in handling different tasks. We always love to hear music while driving, in leisure, and even while sleeping. Many of us do not prefer to use headphones to listen to music, so people end up using the built-in speakers to enjoy favorite music on smartphones or even while gaming. Most of the manufacturers are well aware of the necessity and importance of the speakers and are giving out its best to render best sound quality ever from their handsets. But, not all the phones succeed in featuring the same and this could be due to lack of perfect software that is powering the speakers. Thankfully! Android facilitates its users with an option to change built-in equalizer, thereby improving audio quality on Android. Irrespective of the sound quality that the device is currently capable of, make use of these sound enhancer techniques to increase its quality.

Change Your Settings

Go through your Android settings and change accordingly so as to make your device work as a sound enhancer. Though not all the devices support this feature, if you have so then the procedure is quite easy. It allows to quickly enhance the audio. For Samsung devices, plug in the devices to an audio device, go to settings-→Sound & vibration-→Sound Quality & effects. This will divert you to different options that allow enhancing audio quality. Xiaomi MIUI has a sound enhancer for headphones. Just pick the type of headphones you are using and toggle it on. Xperia UI also has an equalizer along with ClearAudio settings to improve sound quality.

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Check the Music App Streaming Quality

Most of the music streaming services like Spotify or Google Play Music provides the users with default music quality of Automatic. While the automatic music quality features 160kbps that results in decent sound quality. For quality or volume enhancer, you have the option to set the quality to Normal or high or extremely high. Doing this will stream the music to around 320kbps thus resulting in rich sound experience.

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Check Your Phone Case

Not all smartphones have the speakers located at the bottom of the device. Some of the devices such as Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) have speakers at the edge. So, when you are investing in the phone case, ensure that the speaker grills are free and don’t interrupt with the case. If your phone case covers the grille then it will affect the sound quality that you get from the speakers. Though the sounder enhancer techniques specified enhance the sound quality, if there is an inappropriate phone case then it may be of no use.

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Get An Alternative Equalizer App

The main key to having a great audio experience on smartphones is having a good equalizer. Since most of the music apps or video apps don’t feature advanced control to adjust the volume, it becomes quite mandatory to get an alternative equalizer app. A good equalizer app acts as a sound booster for Android as it comes bundled with both equalizer and modulator thus allowing you to increase the volume level of the song on your phone.

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Finally! Prefer Different Pair of Headphones

Though the last option, this is one of the easiest methods to improvise sound quality on Android smartphones. Obviously, even the top manufacturers prefer different ways to cut down costs. And, one such way is to pack in sub-standard audio gear which provides low-quality output. So, replace them with fine-quality headphones to find the change by yourself. Moreover, you need not spend much to notice an improvement.

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