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Five top travel trends of 2019

From Instagram holidays to digital detoxes, here are next year’s hot new crazes

Whether you are looking to escape the wintry weather, thinking ahead to next summer or considering a holiday as a Christmas gift for your loved ones, here are some of the ideas expected to be popular next year.


As awareness of overtourism increases, so travellers are seeking more undiscovered, eco-friendly destinations. One billed as the ultimate off-the-beaten-track getaway is Bawah Reserve on the Anambas Islands, off Malaysia – “a luxury retreat that’s brilliantly put-together and sustainably minded”, says the Telegraph. The resort, which opened last year, boasts solar water heating and fortnightly beach clean-ups.

Instagram holidays 

Millennials are said to value the “Instagrammability” of their holiday destination above all else. With this in mind, Shoot My Travel wants to make sure that holidaymakers capture perfectly framed memories. “The service matches up travellers with local photographers to create natural, Instagram-friendly shots that are guaranteed to rake in the likes,” says The Independent.

Digital Detox 

While some people are choosing their holidays based on social media, others are desperate to get away from it. Off-grid digital detoxes are expected to become ever more popular next year. Some resorts are designed speci cally to help guests unplug from their busy lives. The Ranch Malibu, for example, offers a week-long fitness and wellness programme. Wake early to Tibetan chimes and fill your days with mountain hiking and restorative yoga.

TV tourism 

In the golden age of television, the infuence of small-screen shows on tourism is rivalling that of film. Helen Mirren’s 2019 period drama Catherine The Great may well put its filming location of Lithuania on the map, while a second series of Big Little Lies is likely to draw viewers to sun-kissed Monterey in California next year. The last ever season of Game Of Thrones will also inspire trips to Croatia, Iceland and Northern Ireland, home of the famous Dark Hedges trees, pictured. Winterfell Tours, based in Co Down, offers movie set experiences and exclusive private tours.

Solo travel 

More and more tourists, particularly women, are choosing to set off on adventures by themselves. If you’re after some “me” time but are not ready to go completely solo, some travel operators – such as Abercrombie & Kent – offer small group tours of like-minded travellers so you can visit new places “on your own, but never alone”.