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The 10 Most Hilarious Things Rihanna Did in 2018

Rihanna for comedian of the year.

As a Grammy-award winning singer, fashion designer, beauty mogul, philanthropist, and actress, Robyn Rihanna Fenty contains multitudes. But there’s one talent we’re not talking about enough: she’s also funny as hell.

Rih has been making us laugh since Twitter user @fishypoomps had the audacity to say “only females who are deprived of talent need to sell their art with sex and soft porn. Right, @rihanna?” Her response:


@fishypoomps whatever u say fishy poom poom????2408:39 AM – Jun 6, 2011Twitter Ads info and privacy239 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

Fishy is in good company in the Badgal’s clapback catalog, which also includes MTVPiers MorganCiara, a young Kendall JennerCBSCelebBuzz, and the Twitter user who said the songstress looked “nappy” in a music video. Her response: “Because I’m black bitch!”

Rihanna didn’t leave her unapologetic blackness on Twitter when it came to the last incident. It’s not just fun and games for Rihanna—she also uses her jokes to fuel her many businesses. Here are the 10 most hilarious things Rihanna did in 2018.

1.Because I’m Black Eyeliner

In June of 2018 Rih released an eyeliner under her Fenty Beauty line entitled “Because I’m black bitch!” Why just clapback on Twitter when you can name the new eyeliner to join your highly successful beauty line?



“Because I’m black bitch!” eyeliner joined the Fenty Beauty family with other products named PMS, a moody brown shade; Clapback, the one true navy; What’s Yo Numb’a, a limited-edition holiday shade color; and my personal favorite Griselda. Griselda is a bold burgundy likely named after Griselda Blanco, a female Colombian drug lord. It’s a shade that screams, well, female Colombian drug lord. 

2. Tutorial Tuesdays with Rihanna

Apart from the clever collection names, Fenty Beauty has become a source of Tuesday comedic relief with a helpful tutorial on the side. Rihanna starts all her YouTube blogs like all great comedians. A joke here, an adorable blooper there, and of course, the attitude of a woman who knows in one upload she’ll go viral.

3. All the Self-Deprecating Jokes in Vogue‘s Beauty Series

In one she even proclaims she has to start over because she “looks fat.”

4. Acknowledgement of Her Inability to Wink



The Badgal doesn’t know how to wink but she’ll never stop trying. She recently joked about her eye inabilities in her Instagram story. 

5. Shutting Down Trump With a Cease and Desist



It’s not just in the beauty space—she already won 2017 with Fenty Beauty—it’s also in the political sphere. Thanks, Philip!

6. Comments Clapbacks



The comments section is a very dark place until Rihanna pops up. After the songstress posted urging her followers to vote, a pesky commenter pointed out her immigrant status. Her response: “nah I’m an immigrant tryna get your country together. Did you vote?”

7. Becoming The Reigning Meme Queen

You know you’ve made it in the meme world when the comments section is full of “us”, “so me”, “mood” and “SCREAMING!” 11 million people would have to agree Rihanna’s Instagram is a fire meme account.

8. Dragging Her Friends

Who among us has not paused a TV show or movie to take a screenshot in hopes of creating a funny meme or tweet? Rih poked fun at her squad with a very spot on comparison.

9. Taking Work Stress With Stride

The second time Rihanna has played the “I feel attacked card!” We get it, she’s busy making the beauty and fashion communities more inclusive and diverse, but maybe a new song for 2019? Please?

10. Reminding A Man, Once Again, He Ain’t Shit



Rihanna screaming at her mans Hassan is a big mood. Long before BDE was coined, we were gifted this paparazzi photo. Rihanna addressed the fight with a meme on Instagram of one lion cowering and one lion screaming.



The singer claims the fight was about soccer but the only thing we know for sure is that Rihanna was definitely right. Here’s to the Badgal, and @fishypoomps, getting what they deserve in 2019.