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The two wedding dress trend: why Meghan Markle and Chiara Ferragni got it right

Are you looking for the perfect wedding dress?

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you’ll most likely have seen that Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni recently got married in an incredibly lavish ceremony, featuring not one, but two Dior wedding dresses. As her decadence showed no bounds, Chiara’s ensembles have arguably gained more attention than those of Meghan Markle’s.

Are you looking for the perfect wedding dress?

The world watched in awe as the Duchess to-be graced the streets of Windsor with an off-the-shoulder design to begin the day, followed by a fittingly modern high-neck dress for relaxed evening celebrations. Seemingly, regardless as to whether you’re a Meghan superfan or simply prefer Chiara’s clothing snaps, women across the world are appreciating the many benefits of having two wedding dresses. The undeniable glamour that accompanies a bonus gown, along with the practicality of a mid-way outfit change (you can fully relax into the evening with a second, shorter dress), are benefits of two dresses that continue to take brides everywhere by storm.

Fashion designer Anunita discusses the benefits of having two wedding dresses, explaining why Meghan and Chiara got it right. From the option of a more slender gown making dancing less daunting to avoiding creases, celebrating your love for fashion and more.

1. It’s important to feel comfortable

Of course, we all hope to look our best on our wedding day; we spend years dreaming of our dream nuptials and wish for nothing less than perfection. However, to enjoy your big day, you must feel comfortable. You certainly won’t be able to embrace your partner’s heartfelt wedding reception speech if your dress isn’t exactly designed for sitting! Princess dresses and delicate wedding chairs? Possibly not the best mix…

Having a second wedding dress allows you to change into a more comfortable gown, suit or jumpsuit for evening celebrations. You can lean back, sip on champagne and join in the merriment to your fullest, without having to worry about making your way through the crowds, accidentally knocking the cake over!

2. Goodbye creases

As you travel to your wedding and reception venue, you may find that your dress becomes a little creased (or at the very least, is at risk of doing so). You inevitably want to enjoy the entire day feeling that your dress is faultless, creases included! A second dress means that you can quickly change into a freshly steamed outfit, ready to surprise your guests and put your mind at ease. As you enjoy your delicious wedding cake, too much wine and indulgent canapes, you won’t need to worry about marks or folds in your precious first dress.

3. Celebrate your love for fashion

If you have a love for fashion, you’ll find that two wedding dresses is the perfect way of celebrating this inner passion. Your wedding day defines you and your partner as a couple; your hobbies, dreams for the future, love for one another and zest for life. If style is key to your personality, show it off!

Two dresses will allow you to explore different areas of fashion on the biggest day of your life. For example, you can begin with a classic gown and end with a modern, edgy, tailored white suit; highlighting your curves in completely different ways, you can demonstrate the many sides to your personality. As you look back on wedding photos you’ll see a true celebration of your genuine self, joining your partner for a lifetime of joy.

4. If there’s ever a day to be extra…

We don’t spend months, if not years, planning our wedding for nothing! As your friends and family come together to celebrate the love shared between you and your partner, there’s seemingly never been a better time to be a little (or a lot) extra. This is your special day, so don’t be shy! Who said two dresses was too much? Who cares!

5. Dance the night away

As you organise perfect music for your reception, whether this is a DJ or string quartet, remember that this isn’t just for your guests’ enjoyment; two dresses (the latter being sleek and flexible) will allow you do dance to your heart’s content. This day is all about you and your partner, so don’t watch from the side-lines!

Use your first dress as a more formal outfit, incorporating fun and flowing designs into your later choice… when you’re dancing with your partner without fear of someone tripping on your train, you’ll thank yourself!

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